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We are saddened to share that in June 2022 we were contacted by a house cat breeder who had gotten a dwarf kitten in her litter. The kitten clearly shows all of the traits and characteristics that the ragdoll kittens we’ve told about earlier shares. Both of the parents are domestic house cats, but there are ragdolls present in the family. The breeder has recived advices on how to help the kitten, but those of you who are familiar with this defect already know that the prognosis isn’t good.. 

This gives us a new perspective on the ragdoll dwarfism problem, where unregistered breeders without accsess to and/or knowledge about pedigrees are affected. It was sadly only a matter of time for it to happen, and when matings of mixed breeds are done oncontrolled like this it will surely happen again. 

We would once again like to point out the importance of information. We would like to urge breeders who sell unneutered pets from these lines to explain to your buyers why the cat is inappropriate to use in breeding when you don’t have appropiate knowledge, even though there is nothing wrong with the cat as a pet. 

We have contact with SLU about the kitten, and the breeder is willing to assist with test samples and material that the science team may need. 

Latest update about the DNA-test

We have no news or time frames regarding the DNA-test for dwarfism that SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) are currently working on, but they have let us know that the process is moving forward. 

Video – Affected kitten and sibling, about 6 weeks old

Picture – Affected mixed breed kitten