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July 2020

4 years ago the long, hard and emotional journey of solving the problem that had occurred in our breed began.

At that time we could see that in some litters, kittens that didn’t look or behave like their siblings were born. These wonderful kittens didn’t live very long and we all agreed that something had to be done to stop it.

With some passionate breeders at the head, money, pedigrees, stories and pictures were collected. Scientific articles were read and the kittens were compared with already known defects and diseases, but nothing seemed to apply to our kittens.

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, were contacted and showed great interest in helping us.
During the time they were working SRC put up some recommendations for breeders to follow to avoid a horrible fate for their kittens.
The recommendations quickly spread over the world and received both good and bad criticism, but they worked! At least as a tempory solution until a DNA-test could be created.

Now we have almost reached the finish line! SLU have succeded in finding the defecting gene and we will be able to DNA-test our ragdolls this autumn. More information about how this will be done will come later.

These are fantastic news and it seems like our tears of joy will never stop. Can you imagine that we have finally succeeded!

When the daily life with the corona virus has settled down we will celebrate this together.
Thanks to all of you who, one way or another, have contributed in this cause to enable this outcome. Look at what can be done when we work together ?