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The work of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) about dwarfism in ragdolls is in full progress and is right now looking promising! The scientists at SLU have found interesting areas in DNA and is now in a control phase in the project.
It’s an exciting time for the ragdoll!

Until we get new updates from SLU the advice of the SRC is still:

  • Avoid breeding two cats that might be carriers of the gene.
  • Be moderate when selling cats for breeding that might be carriers, before a DNA-test is available.
  • If possible, do mating that are free from possible carriers on both the male and females side occasionally.
  • If you sell a kitten for breeding that might carry this gene – be careful to inform the buyer of the situation, and let them know that they should not mate the cat with another potential carrier. You should inform even if the breeder don’t have cats from the same linage today, otherwise there is a great risk that they unknowingly buy more cats from the same lines. This advice also applies to sales abroad. Some breeders have even added a paragraph in their contracts about this.
  • If you sold a cat for breeding, before this issue was known, that might be a potential carrier – get in touch with the buyer, inform them about the problem and refer them to SRC’s breeding advice.