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An update from SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) about Project Drarfism

The manufacturing of a DNA-test that will be used to find the mutated gene responsible for dwarfism in ragdoll kittens is now finished. The test is currently in its final trial runs and as long as no problems occur it will be available in a near future.

The DNA-test, which will be offered at SLU, will be available for all breeders and ragdoll enthusiasts, no matter which country you live in. The final report for the project will be puplished when it is reviewed and finished.

SRC will let you know when more information is available on our website and our Facebook page, just like we have done since the beginning of the project. In the middle of November we reckon we have the next update for you.

You can find all the previous texts on the subject of Dwarfism in ragdolls in English on this page >